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You are welcome to celebrate the Sacrament of Confession any time.


Please phone or email Fr. Clement to arrange a time or come 30 minutes before Mass.


"This is the time to repent and turn to God."


All are welcome to prepare/celebrate the Sacraments: With a flexible and humble spirit, we as a parish invite our children and their families to safely prepare and support their children to receive Jesus in the Sacraments.


During this time of the pandemic, we, as a parish,  will try out best to welcome everyone especially through the Sacrament of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Christ is all in all, and all are welcome to the Church. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Clement. If you wish to baptise your child please speak to Fr. Clement after Mass. 


Marriage is for the good of the individuals and of society as a whole. Thus, it is part of the order of God’s Creation for all humanity. Between a man and woman, the institution of marriage was raised by Christ the Lord to the level of a sacrament. That means it is an action of Jesus Himself and in marriage we receive His grace to live out our marriage and family lives.

If you wish to marry please speak to Fr. Clement after Mass


An older generation used to talk about “the Last Rites,” referring to the sacraments of Confession, Anointing and the Eucharist received when someone was close to death. It may well be that Anointing is received at the same time as the other two sacraments, but it is a sacrament in its own right and not just for those at the very moment of death.

If you wish to speak to Fr. Clement please email him or call the presbytery 

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